Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You Asked For It!

Well you asked for it and now you have it!  I'm officially a blogger.  I've always enjoyed writing so this seems like a natural outlet for me to share what goes on in my world.  I hope during this adventure I will make you laugh, encourage you, and help you to see that life is far from perfect, but our perspective on each situation is what makes the difference.  So here's to all of you who have told me I should blog and to all of you who didn't say that but wish you did. (FYI#1: There is a good chance that sarcasm will make it's way into several posts).  Enjoy!


  1. Yes! We the people are thrilled!


  2. Yes. The best thing about people reading from you're blog, is they are not forced to read from one written by me. Nice

  3. I'm excited to see where this takes you!

  4. Blog on with your bad self!

    Aunt Liz